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Start your own professional Second Life radio station and share your music taste with the world. If you are a business or organization with something to say – SL radio is the perfect vehicle for your mass communication needs.

Broadcast for fun and become the next Second Life DJ star, or turn it into a serious business with big revenue potential – or do both!

Although there are many alternatives ways to start an Second Life radio station – you might as well start with the best!

Setting Up A Stream For Second Life

There are several ways to stream music into second life. One is a shoutcast server. You as the performer need to set up a broadcasting client (1). That client connects to a steaming media server (2). Either you set up your own server or you find and rent an existing server. Several event locations in Second Live have their own shoutcast server, so you only need a client to send out your voice.

There are 2 streaming server types wich you can use:

  • Shoutcast

  • This stream is the most used, but it has one big disadvantage to our opinion: Quality=bandwidth... This means that using the Shoutcast, and the Second Life Viewer at the same time demands a high quality and VERY stable internet connection.
  • Icecast

  • Less widly spread as Shoutcast, but the only fully proffesional server system with the possibilities you as a performing artist will need. The use of MP3-PRO gives you the change to run on a lower bitrate, therefor using lower bandwidth, while still playing your music on high quality (even CD quality!).

To broadcast online you will need two basic things:

  1. Broadcast software
    UR-SL SAM BROADCASTER SOFTWAREBroadcasting can be done in various ways. From simple Winamp (with a free or payed plugin) to fully proffesional software. We recommend the use of the more proffesional software, because of the flexibility and growth oppertunities they will give you.
    The wide range of broadcasting software you can use (see our links below) gives you all that you will ever need. From simple Winamp plugins to fully proffesional automated radio station programming with life performance possibilities, to fully proffesional DJ software.
    We highly recommend the use of the sofware wich you can find on our Radio Software page.

  2. Streaming service provider
    To stream to Second Life you will need bandwidth. And before getting your service provider, providing you with the stream from the internet to the listeners,thus providing bandwidth, you need to understand how Second Life works with listeners.
    UR-SL Icecast stream rental signBasicaly SL doesn't stream music at all. It send all streams directly to Quicktime Player. A SL Sim (an “'island”) can hold up to a maximum of 100 avatars. These are though non scripted and low prim using avatars! To be on the safe side it is wise for a sim owner not to set the max of visitors to this number, for one scripted avatar can kill the sim immediatly if they do. With all HUDS and stuff around it is best to stay on the safe side and allow no more then 70 avatars on the sim at one time.
    Performers need to realize that any internet stream can be logged into directly from the internet too. That means that your stream needs to be able to run more connections then the maximum amount of visitors on a sim! To be on the safe side: never ever even bother looking for streams with less then 100 listeners. Our Icecast streams host the official number of 100 listeners, but can infact do with 120 listeners before denying connections to listeners.

    How it works:
    Your streaming client sends the data to the server.
    The Listeners' Second Life clients grab the server's URL from the parcel's media settings and tune in.
    To reach a good audience size you will need a good streaming service provider.
    UR-Streaming provides the most professional and yet affordable stream hosting services to over 100 clients.

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